Welcome from the Board of Trustees and Principal of St Joseph's School Matata
St Joseph's was established in 1891 by the Sisters of St Joseph's and the Mill Hill Fathers.  The mission statement of our school with parents and the community is to enable all pupils, through the example of Jesus, as portrayed in their Catholic tradition, to grow towards a wholeness of being in which touch with their involved with their individual, spiritual, emotional, cultural, intellectual and physical potential is developed and intimately linked.

We will endeavour to develop each child to his or her full potential in an atmosphere that fosters independence, creativity, diligence, pride in oneself and pride in one's school.  From this comes achievements for all and the ability to approach the future with confidence.

We promote a strong and active partnership between home and school.  We encourage parents to be involved and support their child's education.

Our staff are qualified and offer quality learning experiences through exciting and innovative programmes that cater for students' needs with the future in mind.

We welcome the participation of Whanau in the school, especially to help in the classrooms or to offer their skills


Mrs Bridget Rika                  Mr Terry Murphy
PRINCIPAL                          CHAIRPERSON BOT