'St Joseph'......has wonderfully watched over us.  Let us be humbel and grateful'.  (St Mary MacKillop 1898)

The Special Catholic Character is an integral part of school life.  All children participate in the religious education programme and attend masses and other liturgical celebrations that mark important occasions int he church's year.  Daily prayer is a feature of each classroom programme.  mass is held weekly with the Parish Community and parents are always welcome to attend.  Classes help with the preparation of the liturgy at least once a term.  The spcial character is evident throughout the school by the care pupils and staff show to all people they come in contact with, medelled on Gospel values.  The virtues programme complements our Religious Education Programme.  Sacramental programmes such as First Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation are parish based with classroom programmes complementing a child's preparation.

The Graduate Student Profile encompasses the following Catholic Character ‘Cornerstone Values’.

TO BE:  We want our children to be proud of their Catholic heritage and to be faithful and practicing Catholics who live and role model the values of Jesus Christ through:
· Living the ‘Virtues’ and ‘Gospel Values’
· Strong foundation in knowing the Charism of our school
· Practicing Catholics

TO DO:  We want our students to do their best to live their Christian values through Religious instruction, Virtues, Scripture and Worship by:
· Making time in their day for Prayer collectively and individually
· Community/school worship
· Taking part in the school’s Sacramental Programme
· Practicing their Gospel Values through the Virtues Programme

TO KNOW:  We want the children to know a deeper understanding of their Catholic faith by:
· Following a comprehensive and detailed Religious Education Programme.